After a little over a month of reworking and re-planning, we at Shadow|Shine Pictures are happy to announce that the Over It music video is back on track for production. Over the last few weeks we have worked on restructuring the financing of the video, along with rescheduling the dates of Principle Photography. And to add to the forward motion we are nearing completion of our crew for the production. Overall we are happy to be moving ahead with this production once again.

Some of the new information regarding Over It is the new system for investing and helping back this music video. Shadow|Shine has worked hard these last several weeks to provide ease and access for you when it comes to investing in our productions, and now that ability is easier than ever for you. Secured through the services of PayPal, you as the investor are now able to invest in productions such as Over It from the ease of your own home with the assurance that your information will be protected. And the best part is you are still eligible for any of our free incentives! Head over to the Over It investors page for more information on how to invest in this music video!

More so we are very excited to announce we have solidified two new dates for Principle Photography. The band and crew have reached a date that all parties involved can come together and make this production a reality. With the new dates of filming decided, and an easy and fast investing option for our supporters and fans established, we are ecstatic once again for Over It.

New concept art along with a list of the Over It crew will be up soon so that fans and supporters can see some of the new developments we have had with the project over the last month. But this isn't the only reason for fans of the band to be excited either. Both S|S and Cities and Saints believe in being involved with their fans on a personal basis. To help fans get that much more engaged with the project we are having a team build where fans will be able to come in, help lend a hand to the building of the set, see a sneak peak at the behind the scenes of Over It, and get a rare look at the flip side of production design. All team build members that come will get a free Over It t-shirt signed by the band as well. Dates and further details for the team build will be posted soon.

Keep posted to Shadow|Shine Pictures for more updates, information, and developments on the Over It production as we continue forward with this music video. In the meantime, though, make sure you become an investor of Over It today!