Over the last week we've been in principal on a really cool new series for Cornerstone University's Chapel series next semester, "I Believe"- a semester long focus and egextigal look at the confessions of the Apostle's Creed. Since early April we've been working closely with the Dean of CU's Chapel program, Matthew Westerholm, to help develop a series of videos centered around the Creed which will act as a staple piece as the university begins to explore the cultural and historical contexts of the various statements found within the Creed.

Having many ties with the CU community we are absolutely excited to be working on this piece with them, and are so excited for it to release this coming September when the series is officially unveiled. This will in fact be the first series that CU's Chapel has launched and we are extremely honored they chose our team to develop these video pieces with them. We'll be working on the 14 piece video series over the next few months as the final details of the series comes together and we can't wait for everyone to see the finished pieces this fall!